Unique Ability

Mini-artifacts This ability allows Wizards to forge special equipment for their creatures. Mini-artifacts may only be equipped on troops and cannot be transferred or traded to another lord. There are certain peculiarities about mini-artifact creation and usage:

  • Any wizard stack can be equipped with mini-artifacts;
  • A single stack can only be equipped with one mini-artifact type;
  • Part types within one mini-artifact should differ;
  • Mini-artifact part types and their effect depend on the wizard faction skill level of the character;
  • Maximal count of parts in one mini-artifact depends on the combat level of the character;
  • Mini-artifacts have infinite durability;
  • Mini-artifact effects are hidden from other players and are only revealed in combat.

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Gremlins(acquired at level 1) Ab: shooter

Attk 2 - Def 3 - Dmg 1 or 2 - Hp 5 - Spd 3 - Int 7 - Shots 5

summary: With low Hp and Defense, and High Initiative these seem to be more effective in multiple stacks.

Gargoyles(acquired at level 1) Ab: rage, elemental, flyer

Attk 3 - Def 5 - Dmg 1 - Hp 15 - Spd 6 - Int 9

summary: These are defensive units. To use effectivly in an attack you will need to sacrifice a stack for rage. They have flying so are easly moved around and the elemental ability protects them from lightning attacks.

Golems(can be acquired at level 3 for 300g)


Shooter This creature can deal ranged damage. When the distance to a target is larger than 6 tiles, the target only takes half the normal damage. The creature can't perform ranged attacks when there is an enemy stack adjacent to it. Shooters do half the normal damage when melee-attacking. The amount of ranged attacks in every combat is limited to the "Shots" parameter of every shooter. If shots go down to zero, the creature looses "Shooter" ability until end of combat.

Flyer The creature can move around the battlefield ignoring obstacles (flying over them).

Elemental: These creatures aren't living, they are unaffected by morale. They are also unaffected by poison, blinding, infection, mind-affecting spells; life cannot be drained from them. Nor can they be resurrected or healed.


To sum it up, if a stack of units die in this case a gargoyle then the other gargs get a boost in attack power. The effect stacks. You DON'T get the effect from a dead summoned stack.

The attack parameter of this creature increases every time a non-summoned stack of the same character perishes completely. The effect can be calculated as [basic attack of the perished stack without character bonuses]*[strength of the perished stack]/[strength of all army of that character]. The effect cannot be lower than 1. Strength is an unrevealed parameter. Creatures acquire rage for the rest of the combat, rage effects stack up. The maximal stacked effect can't exceed 2*(lord combat level).