Stats & Details==


  • Attack

Influences the damage of your character and all your armies. adds 130 mana for every 1 stat in knowledge

  • Defense

Determines the steadiness of your troops to physical attacks of the opponent's troops. Does not extend over magical spells.

  • '''Spell Power

Influences the efficiency of spells you use. Increasing the spell power makes magical damage greater, spell effect duration longer, number of resurrected creatures larger etc

  • Knowledge

Determines the maximal reserve of character's mana.

adds 10 mana for every 1 stat in knowledgeEdit

The greater this parameter is, the more probable it is to deal double damage to the opponent with physical attacks. Luck shouldn't be negative, or else the damage might become twice lower. Luck can befall any creature in combat.

Determines the chance of the troops to get their turns faster, than their initiative allows, or, on the contrary, to miss turns. Morale only affects living creatures.

Influences the sequence of the troops' turns in combat.====