Knights posses the ability 'training', which allows them to train their citizanes into troops, giving them and advantage in troops. Knights are people who use their strength and tactics rather than magic.

Namely people have brought the idea of betrayal, greediness and pettiness into the world of Lords of W&M. However, though other factions show unconcealed dislike for knights, the fact remains that they are a force to be taken into account. 

A very discrepant and one of the most short-living factions populating the Empire lands. While possessing rather weak magic, knights rely upon their physical strength and tactical planning. They use all kinds of cold steel skillfully, and their creatures' characteristics are relatively balanced and useful both in attack and defense. This universality often grants them victory in a majority of fights; however it requires a strategic mind. If you are a tactician by nature and prefer shrewdness and acute mind to brute force, then become a knight. 


Farmers: Acquired at Level 1

Bowmen: Acquired at Level 1: Shooter, Volley

Swordsmen: Acquired after building Barracks, unlocked at Level 3: Rage, Large Shield, Stun

Griffins: Acquired after building Griffin Bastion, Level 5: Flyer, Large Creature, Unlimited Retailation, Immune to Blinding

Monks: Acquired after building Monastery, Level 8: Shooter, No Melee Penalty

Cavalry: Acquired after building Knighthood Arena, Level 11: Large Creature, Jousting

Angels: Acquired after building Altar of Light, Level 14: Flyer, Large Creature

Upgraded Troops:

Brutes: Acquired after builidng Militia Cabins, Level 5: Stun

Crossbowmen: Acquired after Building Marksmanship, Tower Level 8: Shooter, Aimed Shot

Guadians: Acquired afert building Garrison, Level 10: Rage, Large Shield, Stun, Shield Aliies

Royal Griffins: Acquired after building Griffin Outpost, Level 12: Flyer, Large Creature, Unlimited Retailation, Battledive, Immune to blinding.

Clerics: Acquired after builiding Cathedral, Level 14: Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Caster

Paladins: Acquired after building Knighthood Order, Level 16: Large Creature, Jousting, Pancea, Immune to Berserker