Unique ability

Gating - This is a unique Demonic ability which allows your troops to call for additional reinforcements right on the combat field. The amount of troops summoned directly depends on the numbers of the summoning stack. Any demonic creature led by a lord is able to gate a stack consisting of 20%+4%*[Demon skill level] creatures of the summoning stack. This ability is extremely useful against neutral creatures. You will be able to distract enemy troops with the summoned armies and destroy them with your main forces, use magic or simply run them over with everything you've got. Gated stacks disappear after combat. Note that if only gated creatures are left, the Demon loses the fight immediately, as if he or she didn't have them at all.

(information found on Lordswm Help page)

Demons are the people from hell, which are useful for their Chaos and Darkness. This means that Demons should play offensive, and not to defend. Demons are supposed to play group battles, with help of sorcerers, notably Wizards. If high level Wizards and Demons collide, they have acess to every magic branch in the game. Demons have an abilty of gating, as mentioned earlier. Gating allows them to gate reniforcements directly from hell, which means an addition for your army. Gated stacks can act as distraction, but also can take down difficult enmies in a couple of hits. Gated stacks are usually not used as distraction.


Demons (aquired at lv 1) Abilities: Demonic. Rage.

Imps (aquired at lv 1) Abilities: Demonic. Mana Destroyer.

Spawns (aquired at lv 5) Abilities: Demonic. Mana Destroyer.